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The following are descriptions of several grantmaking sources within the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.


Haas/Koshland Memorial Award

The Haas/Koshland Award is a grant given annually by the descendents of Walter A. Haas, Sr. and Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. This grant supports one year of study and personal development in Israel. The award is administered by the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.
Deadline: February 1


Holocaust Memorial Education Fund

Pilot projects that promote Holocaust education as broadly as possible throughout the Bay Area, including public, private, and parochial schools and colleges, and special Holocaust-related research and education programs.

In its assessment of grant proposals to the Fund, The Holocaust Memorial/Education Advisory Committee will be guided by recommendations from the JESNA report. For questions about the fund or feedback on the report, please email amyr@sfjcf.org.  
Deadline: September 15


Jewish Community Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund supports emergency and time-sensitive needs in the local and overseas Jewish communities, and provides seed funding for programs and services addressing problems in innovative ways in the areas of social welfare, health, education, culture and public affairs.  Please review the policy statement regarding grants from the Endowment Fund.
Deadline: March 2 and September 15


Jewish Community Endowment Fund scholarship programs

JCEF financial assistance, which is administered by the Bureau of Jewish Education, is available for college and day school education, teen trips to Israel, residential camps, specialty camps and day camps.  Deadlines vary, so please contact Janet Rothman at the Bureau of Jewish Education directly at jrothman@bjesf.org or 415.751.6983 x 107.


Jewish Community Endowment Kohn Fund

The Kohn Fund focuses grantmaking in the areas of education and youth in the Jewish community, with a preference for programs that address leadership development and training and/or benefit children with special educational needs or considered at risk.
Deadline: March 1


Jewish Community Endowment Maimonides Fund

The Maimonides Fund focuses its grantmaking on those programs and services that assist needy Jewish elderly residing within the Federation’s service area, including, without limitation, making grants to new projects that address the unmet needs of needy Jewish elderly in the Federation Area. Approval of a grant from the Maimonides Fund in one year does not guarantee funding in subsequent years. Please note that the Maimonides Fund does not consider requests for capital improvements.
Deadline: March 1


Jewish Community Endowment Newhouse Fund

The Newhouse Fund focuses its grantmaking on programs that address compelling needs in education, health, religion and aging in an innovative way with a focus on the Jewish community.
Deadline: February 1


Jewish Community Teen Foundations

Philanthropic opportunities for teens sponsored by the JCEF include foundations in San Francisco, Marin, on the Peninsula and in the East Bay. Funding priorities and application deadlines vary, so please visit each teen foundation’s website for more information.


The Machiah Foundation Israeli Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

The Machiah Foundation, a supporting foundation of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin & Sonoma Counties, was initiated as a generous two-year fellowship program to enable promising Israeli PhD and MD-level scientists to pursue advanced basic research training in the life sciences in the United States.
October 2010 Update: Applications will not be accepted this year.


The Mount Zion Health Fund

Through its historic and special relationships, Mount Zion Health Fund collaborates with UCSF at Mount Zion and its affiliates, the Institute on Aging and the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish community to identify health-related needs and to promote creative and responsive solutions.  Grant requests to MZHF should be program-specific. Requests are evaluated based on how the program for which funding is being requested fits the following priorities:

  1. Serves a vulnerable population whose health status, compared to the general population, is particularly compromised.
  2. Provides responsive and creative solutions to health-related needs in San Francisco.
  3. Provides direct health services to improve the health of the Jewish and/or broader community.
  4. The program is of a pilot or start-up nature and articulates plans for future sustainability.
  5. The program has current and/or historical roots in the Jewish community.

Deadlines: February 15 and October 1


The Sarlo Foundation

The Sarlo Foundation was established by venture capitalist George Sarlo and his wife Sejong in 1992 as a supporting foundation of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties. The Foundation recognizes that most Americans were once immigrants, many of whom were provided life-transforming opportunities by community agencies. Its intent is to reciprocate by supporting education, training, counseling, medical crisis intervention, and other services which make a significant difference in the lives of individuals.
Deadline: November 15, and on a rolling basis.


Grantseekers outside of the Bay Area

If you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, you can search for local and national organizations that might be able to help meet your individual needs. The United Jewish Communities JewishFinder website can be a great place to begin your research.

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