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Global Jewish Agenda

United Jewish Communities (UJC)1

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI): $2,040,000
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC): $1,407,000
Targeted Gift—Hunger in the former Soviet Union: $15,000
Targeted Gift—Jewish Heritage Fund in Poland: $50,000
Targeted Gifts—Operation Promise: $357,400

Direct grants in Israel

Promoting Civil Society and Equal Opportunity for All Citizens of Israel

B’YACHAD: Education Initiative in the Upper Galil $100,000
ECHAD: Early Childhood Education and Achievement $150,000
Tel Hai College Student Scholarships $89,000
Isracorps: $102,000
Sacta Rashi Foundation—Youth at Risk in Tzfat: $51,000
Sacta Rashi Foundation—Creating Change Through Sports: $34,000
Operation Atzmaut: $50,000
Reserve for Ethiopian Employment Initiatives: $50,000
Reserve Pool for Small Grants: $91,925
Targeted Gifts: ECHAD: $300,000
Targeted Gift: TEVET Fighting Poverty with Employment: $100,000
Targeted Gifts: JDC Abu Basma Bedouin Project: $100,000

Fostering Jewish Identity and Promoting Jewish Pluralism
Gvanim: Leadership Development for the Promotion of Jewish Pluralism: $125,000
MIRKAM: Weaving Jewish Community in Rosh Ha'Ayin: $100,000
Tel Hai College Center for Jewish Pluralism: $50,000
Shalom Hartman Institute/Parents and Teens Lay Leadership Groups: $70,000
Reserve Pool for Small Grants: $211,750
Support for Economic Development in Israel: Koret Israel Economic Fund: $50,000
Targeted Gifts: Vulnerable in Israel: $1,435
Targeted Gifts: KIEDF: $32,000

Israel in our Community

Israel Center: $381,050
Israel Independence Day Community Event: $25,000

Living Bridge Programs and Israel Travel

Project OTZMA: $37,300
birthright israel: $217,968
Gift of Israel: $59,000
MASA: $63,000
San Francisco Amuta Partnership: $16,000
America-Israel Friendship League: $6,000
Living Bridge Initiatives: $243,000
Israel Travel: Mission Subsidies: $40,000
Israel Travel Initiative: $90,000
Targeted Gifts: Israel Travel Initiative: $5,000


Hadassah: $3,000

Program Services—San Francisco & Israel: $689,806
Reserve: Israel Emergency Fund: $54,166

Total allocations: $7,728,336


1 Funding to UJC includes: Core funding for JAFI, which supports emigration and resettlement of new immigrants in Israel, innovation in Jewish and Zionist education and economic development and leadership training in Israel's periphery, and core funding for JDC, which supports worldwide rescue, relief and community building and support for populations with special needs in Israel. Funding for hunger and welfare relief has been incorporated into this allocation. $557,000 is to be directed towards hunger and welfare relief in the Former Soviet Union and Argentina.

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