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Here is one suggestion for a sturdy sukkah that is quick and easy to build. In fact, one local Rabbi uses this technique in his home and claims he can put up the whole sukkah himself in less than an hour!

sukkahThe sukkah is constructed out of metal poles (2) that are inserted into corner supports (1). Two 2x4 wooden planks (4) are lashed across the top to secure the sukkah and provide support for the tree branches (5). The walls are made of plastic or canvas tarps, or bamboo shades (3), that are tied to the top poles around the sukkah. 

What You'll Need

You should be able to find nearly all of these supplies at hardware or building supply stores.

  • Eight 1-inch rigid galvanized conduit (piping) cut to size—we recommend 8 feet. (Don't buy PVC piping as it does not provide adequate support and may not fit into the corner pieces)
  • Four corner supports, 1 3/8" flat corners with thumb screws.
  • Three or four tarps with grommets along each side. The number of tarps needed depends on the size of your sukkah and whether or not it is a free-standing building.
  • Two 2x4 boards cut slightly larger than the shortest length of your sukkah. The extra height allows you to lash the board to the roof.
  • Ball of twine to attach tarps and 2x4s
  • Tree branches for roof
  • Materials for decoration—you can use fruit, leaves, pictures...the possibilities are endless. If you have kids around, this is a great project for them!

Thank you to Peninsula Sinai Congregation of Foster City for these plans.

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